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Hi, this is Belinda G. Brook, a pet fanatic in St Louis. I really like these cute little lives. They are warm and simple, always giving me a lot of joy.

My cat, cola, and I got together two years ago. At that time I was a girl with extreme inferiority. I didn’t want to communicate with people, and I rarely participated in school activities, until cola appears in my life. She was so cured, every time I touched her smooth fur, I felt that there was no difficulty that I couldn’t overcome. Gradually, I became brave and faced my life with a positive attitude. I started to exercise and began to try to participate in outdoor activities. Now I have changed a lot compared to two years ago. I have to say that cola is like my angel.

I really love her, so I created this pet blog, named after me, hoping more people can be cured by pets, they are really lovely.