Advantages Of Cheap Punching Bags


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best cheap punching bag reviewIf you’re planning to buy a punching bag, you must have come across hundreds of models available at a variety of price points. Top of the line models typically caused hundreds of dollars but there are also some cheap punching bags available in the market. Are cheap punching bags worth it?

Punching bags are excellent for cardio and you will get a great workout experience. If you think that cheap punching bags are not really worth the investment, you are not exactly right.

While it’s true that these cheap bags are not going to last as long as top of the line models but it doesn’t mean that they are not good for beginners. In fact, the cheaper options are especially recommended for beginners as you can always invest in a more robust bag once you are comfortable with a relatively cheap punching bag.

cheap punching bagsHowever, it does not mean that you could go out and buy the first boxing bag you come across. You still need to do some research in order to buy a bag that will help you work out at home.

As far as the weight of the bag is concerned, you should buy a bag that is around half of your weight. This much weight will keep it almost steady and prevent it from swinging too much. Don’t forget that you will also need some space to hang the equipment.

If you do not have any space available for hanging it, consider investing in a floor punching bag. Standing bag is going to cost more but the investment is worth it considering the quality of workout you get from a punching bag.

Another important consideration is whether you should buy an unfilled bag or an already filled bag. Both have their advantages but experts recommend buying an already filled bag as manufacturers use optimal filling depending on the material used for making the bag. However, if you can find optimal filling material locally, you can always go for an unfilled bag.

how to choose the best cheap punching bag

You will also need to invest in some hand wraps and boxing gloves for safe usage. Therefore, look for a bag that already includes these accessories and you won’t have to buy them separately. However, check the review is to make sure the quality of accessories is worth the extra price.

As far as the price of a punching bag is concerned, it depends on a number of factors such as the brand, material used for making the bag, size of the bag and various other things.

Bags with a leather shell are going to cost a lot more as compared to bags made from a heavy duty vinyl shell but a vinyl shell should also last year a couple of years. Do not forget to check the customer reviews for various models before placing an order in order to get the most value for your money.

Overall, an expensive top of the line punching bag is always going to be better than a cheap punching bag but it does not mean that cheap punching bags are not worth it. If this is your first punching bag and you are a complete beginner, it is recommended to buy a rather cheap boxing bag and practice on it. It should last you a couple of years and once you’re comfortable using this bag, you can always invest in a more expensive option that should last for many years.