Using An Inversion Table For Back Pain

Most people with back pains always consult physical therapists to end this problem. A physical therapist recommends the right treatments for the pain. However, if you have back pain you may wonder- could an inversion table be of any help?

several resons for back pain

Back pains are caused by a couple of reasons. Maybe you were in a congested place and did not maintain the right sitting posture. Similarly, maybe your line of work requires you to lift very heavy loads. These are just but a few causes of back pains. Let’s now face it and find out what an inversion table is supposed to do, and how it can help you eliminate back pains.

How does an inversion table help reduce back pain? Once you flip your body over, the bones and joints on your lower back are unloaded. With this, a traction force is created through the spine. The muscles and spinal nerves are made to relax.

How To Use An Inversion Table to Relieve Back Pain?


First before using the inversion table you’ve got to set it up. Place the table on a flat surface ensuring the straps, joints and all fulcrum points are well connected. This will help avoid some serious accidents once you begin using it.

Once you have set up the table, now get set too. Put on athletic shoes to ensure a perfect grip on table locks. Never use the inversion table while barefooted.

Take the position. Raise your feet one at a time and place them on the steps. Straightening your back, lean forward so as to pull up the lever. Once the lever is okay, lock your feet in place ensuring you are comfortable.

Now it’s time to secure your body in place. Here it’s different depending on the inversion table you are using. Some use body straps while others use an ankle bar. Put any of the safety gear in the right place, depending on your inversion table before inverting yourself. Grasp the straps and push them off to invert your body.

Start coming up from your inversion and be at a horizontal position for about 1 to 2 minutes. This allows a perfect flow of blood. Then return to where you started slowly, unhook yourself and then get out of the inversion table.

Notes Before Using Inversion Tables

There are a few things to note when it comes to using the inversion table. First, get a recommendation from your physician on how to use it. Second is that your safety matters while you are using the inversion table. Always secure yourself, and always move gently when using the inversion table. Consider using the inversion table three or more times a day depending on how your back feels.

Using an inversion table comes with a few risks, which are important mentioning. The common ones are a rise in pressure in the eyes and that of the blood and also a rise in heart rate. It’s therefore advisable to consult your doctor before using the inversion table in case you have experienced any of the above earlier.

Comparing the few risks that come with using the inversion table with the expected benefits, it’s appropriate to say using it is not a gamble. Use it appropriately and with time your back pains will disappear.


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